A view from another angle

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I could not resist a view from another angle. Look at the color variations on the handpainted yarn from Bavaria, hummm... I have family members out that way, I will have to figure out how I am going to beg said sister or said nieces, "yoo hoo!" are you listening? Oh secret pal you have spoiled me. Y'all out there check out fiberspace.blogdrive.com thats my Secret Pal Karens blog and she has a link to this incredible lady Claudias yarn. Secret Pal, I am drooling over your pictures of yarn goodness and completed projects and I am just so inspired to, to well you know get back into my obsessive knitting mania. I have to remove layers and layers of dust off my needles. It has been some time since I have had the needles clicking in my ears. I am quite pleased to say I am impressed with Norwegian traditional knitting and the fact that norwegians came up with this sock strengthening woolyarn for heels and toes. Karen shared that it has been used in socks and stockings for national costumes and that it is actually quite fragile but when used in combination with the main yarn in your heels and toes it has a magical effect that turns into strength because of the long fibers used to create this magical strengthening yarn. Then I started to oogle and touch the cream colored Alpaca yarn and yum.... it is so incredibly soft I can't figure out why it feels as though it has lotion on it its. But I am going to have to figure out what to do with its yummy goodness, I am at my wits end. Where do I start and how can I ever really let you know how grateful I am. My secret pal Karen actually wrote a note on each and ever item she sent me WOW!

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