The sun came out!

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The sun came out and I had to take a proper picture of my awesome, incredible, breathtaking gifts from my Secret Pal. Oh, Dearest Sweet Secret Pal, how is it you met every wish I could have ever had especially since I am so sock addicted. I just a minute ago glanced over at your blog and I am pleased as punch to find out you are a kindred spirit. Oh, I have to dash back over and read all your postings, I am so giddy with happiness. I am so sorry I have not posted a proper picture until today. I am feeling peppy and the sun is shining and all I could think about was posting a proper picture and pulling out my dusty knitting needles and casting on. But I must put on my wrist warmers to keep my wrist nice and warm while I knit up some socks, smile!

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kri said...

What a lovely sunny weather! I'm glad you liked the yarn! I tried to post comments here before - but your blog only takes comments from other blogspot users - I have an old inactiv account from the days I started my blog - this is sort of a test to see if it works;)
have a great day you lucky girl in that sunny land! - karen (www.fiberspace.blogdrive.com)

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