cupcakes and aprons

Well cupcakes and aprons I have to say do go hand in hand and not just to catch a drip or a splatter. Baking with a fabulous apron on makes it so much more glamourous like having a lovely pair of shoes to go with your outfit. Yesterday I went to order a birthday cake with darling daughter we went to a bakery called Vanilla Bakeshop. Dd picked exactly what she wanted the cake flavor and fillings and since orange is her favorite color it will have orange frosting and orange fondant.  This place is also known for the cupcakes and I can say I absolutely have no will power, nope not me! did I buy a cupcake? a cupcake? no I bought a dozen of the mini cupcakes, insert sheepish grin here. The flavors seriously come on now key lime cupcake, its genius and delicious, I love lemons and limes. But I wolfed down in the car, the moms birthday cake cupcake with the cute little posy on the top, in two bites I tell you and thats before I hit the first signal light. My darling daughter is hitting a milestone in her life she is turning 18 and yes I was born pregnant because I am too young to have a 18 year old daughter, just joking smile. I am surprised because it seems like yesterday I had serious cravings I am a foodie to begin with and there are so many wonderful places to eat in L.A. and then there are the landmarks with comfort food. I craved the comfort food, I wanted the french dip sandwiches from Phillipe's fresh rolls with the roasted meats and the au jus it makes me teary eyed. Boxed dozens of taquitos with the tomatillo avocado sauce from Olvera Street. Pastrami sandwiches from the Hat okay seriously I can go on but I wanted to talk about my apron I made. I love it it is so happy and fun and cupcakey. 

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Yarni Gras! said...

I love it too. I love the colors, the print, the style, the fact that it FITS me. It is so girly and light and made me smile and squeal when I opened the package and pulled it out!

Thank you again!

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