In my handbag

I carry this little bag with knitting stuff at all times never know when I can cast on or finish a little something. I love small little goodies there is even a sewing thing tucked in here. I have this silver vintage needle holder I adore and some small sissors and a thimble and stitch counter and that animal print thingy is my glam measuring tape and there are some circulars tucked in there and a stitch holder and stitch markers and antihistimenes for either of my children because darling daughter likes to say she is allergic to yarn shops and fabric stores.  Well I can fix that I am a mom and I carry stuff just in case I need to go get a yarn fix and she is with me, smile. Actually its the dust and fibers floating in air that get her going but she is a trooper she will go with me and keep a straight face even if she has hit the point where she is beyond board and is climbing the walls. 

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