yellow mitered mittens

I am so inspired by Elizabeth Zimmermans style of knitting she is really brillant but I won't get on my soap box about it, smile. I have over some time collected a few of her books and dvd's. I had a few months ago dashed by purlbee and saw the mitered mittens in a lovely yellow yarn. I have lovely yellow malabrigo yarn so it was one of my projects I took on vacation. I like EZ idea of knitting winter warmth during the warm weather and it being a small totable project I love handknit socks and I always try to have some with me or in the car for that down time or appointment that has a longer wait that I expected. I have almost finished them I blocked them and I have to get my thumbs on.   


berny said...

Hi Cindy,
did you received my package?

Stacey said...

I sooo need that pattern from that apron you made! I loved it. sorry if I'm being annnoying, I just forgot to tell you my email address to send any info you had to me. thanks!


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