repurposing leather

Once upon a time...I know what a silly start, smile... I was at a few of my favorite thrift stores months ago, these are really delayed posts seriously months old I am trying to catch up. You have to understand I grew up in the 70's & 80's so seriously I do have a shoebox of shoulder pads still. Any way I came across old leather pants I couldn't believe leather pants and some with new price tags on them. Not cheap funky leather pants but soft unworn and a few worn pants. I started throwing them in my cart I was smiling and thinking of old rock concerts and vintage concert tee's and I started to get all warm and fuzzy inside and disco dancing oh, disco...and punk rock clubs. I have always gone across the board with music and okay let me get back on track. Well it depressed me to see this beautiful leatha' here so I rescued it. So I came home and sat on the floor and started to deconstruct the pants and ponder what could I do with all this creamy softness. Cashmere & leather are my favorite fabrics I love to rescue from thrift stores. So I decided to make some leather purses and I do have to say they were well received as Holiday gifts. The clutch with the skull is mine it came out so soft and lovely and I have received many compliments when I use it. I even recycled the zippers and the linings. 

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L. said...

great bags

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