Lima Bean Soup with Chipotles

I just realized that I have had this blog for 6 years, wow.... I haven't blogged consistently by any means and I have a long ways to go learning the ways of the blog sphere. I originally started this blog when I was learning how to knit and then started sharing different creative avenues I have taken along the way which include my love of cooking and everything cooking related so "cheers!"
Today I made this lima bean soup, I have made it twice and its really delicious. I love all beans and when I found this recipe Baby Lima Bean Soup with Chipotle Broth at 101 Cookbooks I knew I wanted to try it. So I made it again and it is so simple and easy and so full of flavor. So to go with my lovely pot of lima beans I baked skinless, boneless chicken thighs and made a simple salad of cut romaine with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
I love to read 101 Cookbooks and I have to say what I love the most about Heidi Swanson and her blog is not only is she a inspiring cook using natural foods and simple techniques I love to gaze at her pictures. I can say she really inspires me, I want to learn how to photograph my food properly. Rather I should say I need to learn how to take better pictures period I haven't a clue basically I aim, say "smile" and press the button hahahaha one day.....

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