I was reading a few blogs and it seems that its not too early to start planning my summer garden. Since I live in SoCal and we have a warmer climate I thought why not? I have seen seedlings being started and seeds being chosen and ordered and thought maybe its not too early to start. I actually have bought and won seeds from urbanhomestead they are in Pasadena, Ca. and they are a very inspiring family check them out I am impressed they are urban gardening and actually supply produce for local restaurants. You Grow Girl is another site to read too if you are interested in trying a garden.
So since inspired and I was in planning my garden mode I thought I should check on my containers I use and see what shape they are in since I haven't seen them in awhile they are at the far end of the yard. Well my tomato plants are still alive which I have read can happen and well my pepper plants are still producing as you can see they are a interesting bunch so I have serrano's on top left, next are thai chili's top right, bottom right I am not sure?, bottom middle are little purple bell peppers, bottom left are rastra chile's and in the middle is just a bit of sage I wanted to use. I can honestly say I have neglected these containers because I thought they were done.
So since I found a little treasure I decided to put some in my dehydrator and then grind some up for chilis and crumble some up for pastas and pizza and the thai chili's I will keep whole and used for cooking and my pickling. I will then store them in my favorite room in the whole house my stocked pantry.
I did dry most of them but on a whim I decided I would pickle some of the chiles with some other chiles I had on had so there is a mix of serranos, thai, habanero, jalapenos and rastra. I think it is going to end up quite hot but can't wait to try them out on a sandwich let's say, yum...

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