Preserved Lemons

I had five lovely thin skinned lemons on my lemon tree and I decided to preserve them I have read they are easy and add a amazing amount of vavoom to many recipes so here is the start of my jaunt of preserving lemons. I must add since I was a child my sister and I have always love, love, loved eating lemons it makes my mouth water just looking at these pictures. So I have a month to squirrel away some recipes to try with my preserved lemons. I must note I did use a combination of two salts they are celtic sea salt and regular salt.


stephq said...

You are so lucky to have a tree that produces thin skinned lemons. I'm jealous :) Five years and I'm still waiting for a fruit from mine. Just grateful I haven't killed this one like the other three.

Got to ask, did the jam set? I'm currently cooking up marmalade for the second time. Still the apricot to redo. Not the best of runs here lol

sauvageblue said...

It set up lovely... not solid like a store bought but, a lovely spreadable marmalade. I have drizzled it on a light almond flour cake for dessert and on buttered toast it is delicious.

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