Almond Torte

I am making a lovely almond torte, I am grinding the almonds into a lovely flour
and I kid you not my vitamix blender blended it into a amazing flour.
I am such the novice when it comes to baking and the whole mindset behind it. Here I have a greased pan and my beaten egg whites I am folding into the almond flour in thirds it is so light and lovely.
Here is my lovely almond torte in the oven baking into a light lovely deliciousness almost like a angelcake and we had it for dessert topped with my amazing papaya marmalade/jam.
I can't even explain how amazing it is yum......

1 comment:

my darling lemon thyme said...

Wow, this Almond torte looks devine! And I'm loving the idea of your papaya jam :-) Yum!

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