BT2 Kit

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I ended up making Kelli's kit a recycled felting one. I took a cue from a book on her wish list Altered Knits. She mentioned she would like a larger type carry bag. I bought the book and found this awesome idea in it, for re-creating a sweater into a tote and so I went to a thrift store and found a feltable sweater and hand washed it and found some purse handles at my local craft store and well voila! I also got inspired and made a purse size kleenex holder out of felt. I also made a mini pincushion from some fabric and a golf tee so it can be stuck into the top of a spool of thread. I thought it was such a clever/cute idea. Kelli I hope you enjoy your crafty stuff. I received a email from my backtack pal and she mentioned I probably should receive my exchange in about three weeks if not I should let her know. Oh,well!


Peggy said...

don't worry about getting your package late. It will be fun to show everyone after the newness of theirs has worn off. I got 2 different swap packages weeks after everyone else and didn't enjoy them any less. The most fun is making and sending swap packages for me.

African Kelli said...

Love, love, love it. I totally bragged about it and you on my site today.
Thank you again!

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