dish-cloth frenzy

 I made these really neat and fun dishcloths in various fun shapes and I really have not done
                       much with cotton I made a slice of watermelon and a half a orange.
   and these two fish shaped tawashi are smaller scrubers and I added cute lips and eyes to.
               I also made cupcake shapes and fun ruffels but, I ran into a bit of trouble seriously I just went into auto pilot and I blocked them. Well I found out you really don't block cotton dishcloths they get a bit crunchy and well I tossed them into the dryer with dryer sheets and well they look softened like denim. I am a bit sad because I made them special and oh dear recipients I made them special for you but I am used to blocking my knits, just that I should have checked first before I tried to block cotton dishcloths. 


Yarni Gras! said...

they are adorable and...HEH wait a tick.....don't I see MY CUPCAKE washcloth there? heeheehee......I love it! Thanks again!

CraftyDiversions said...

they are so cute!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, those are all so cute!! Where did you get the patterns? Or did you make them up yourself?

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