Yesterday was one busy day just not enough hours sometimes. I did not know if your cast gets wet inside it will not dry literally lol! When I have had my casts put on, I have had a few it goes on wet then dries as it hardens. This is the second time around for the same foot I broke it 2 years ago again no glam story. Well that was last wednesday night it got wet in the shower I wrap it so well I did not know my sweet dog bite into it and there were a few holes ugh! So it never quite dried so I called the Dr. and they laughed and told me to come in. I had no idea how grosse it can get lol! it would soon be a science project. So since I am a week away from that lovely walking MoonBoot she decided to put me in a week early yay! While waiting for the Dr. I did get in about 10 more rows on my hourglass sweater and I am getting pretty bored with it right now. Last night I had a mothers meeting for a mother daughter philantrophy we belong to and a mandatory parents meeting at my daughters school at the same time go figure. I did make it to both, smile! I am going out of town for a conference for a few days maybe I will get a chance to check out a few yarn shops.


good music deserves dancing

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My pal from Secret Pal 4 revealed herself and sent me, my bestestest gift yet. Knowing you created this custom "cd" is impressive. I love its title "The Blissful Knitters Favorite Music" Listen while you knit. The greatest part of it is, most of the songs are my fav's, Basia OMG! I have listened to her since the 80's. Annie Lennox too cool, I have loved french music since my first trip to France. Peter Gabriel what can I say and Los Lonely boys I admit I was just recently started listening to them. What a wonderful world is my favorite song ever and everytime I listen to it, it reminds me of my mother she died when I was eleven. But I got to listen to it today while driving & I was singing at the top of my lungs. I decided I had to pose my special CD in front of a pic of me & my dearest, dancing of course. Thank You Secret Pal You are truely special This has been my first time ever having a secret pal and I admit it has been exciting and you spoiled me. Knowing you took the time to shop for special gifts and dedicate your time creating the others for me. I look forward to meeting you. Thank You! Meredith and I hope your Pal gifted you with all the special gifts you deserve.http://blissfulknitter.blogspot.com



Back-tack small button

Back-tack small button
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I joined back-tack and since I love sewing should be fun. I am going to use notions bag for my knitting notions of course.


yarn? yes more yarn please

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I know I have lost my mind but will I find it? I bought more yarn this is one of them it's rowan summer tweed and I am making ginger from the rowan summer tweed collection. Gottta go take my baby to school. Her birthday is in twelve days and she is counting hee, hee! its the big one five


premie beanies

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here are two of the hats or as I prefer to call them "premie beanies" I made for Laura over at the premie project. I took the picture of the "premie beanies" with the fruit as a comparision. They are so tiny and cute and a very gratifying knit. Take a peek at the premie project double click on the purple link button under this post. Laura has been working hard putting this all together.


Stitch Markers

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Since some of the R.A.O.K. have already recieved their stitch markers. I will post the picture of the stitch markers I made. I took a picture just before they were all sent off. Enjoy! Today my heart was touched by an Angel Laura at knitsforsanity@yahoo.com I am pleased to be part of her Premie Project. I am in fact a mother of a micro/premie. My son weighed in at 1100grams at birth I was 27 weeks pregnant. I was admitted to the hospital when I was 13 weeks pregnant and I remained there till he was born. We were given last rights a few days before his birth since we were not expected to make it. I was hemoraging and blood transfusions were continuous. His lowest weight I believe was 600grams during his stay at NICU. I spent 20hrs a day with him. I remember the day a brutus of a resident decided to tell me my son only had 5% chances of survival. All I can say is God was the only one to make that decision. He came home less than 3 months later a whopping 4 lbs. what a porker, smile! My "peanut" as babies are nicknamed turned 16 this past August. But I am proud to say I was embraced by some awesome nurses and I would love to give back. Thank You Laura!



I am so sick of crutches I am bruised, I trip and fall and I can't carry anything. I miss my morning cup of coffee or tea unless I lean at the counter to drink it but its not the same. I can't even go to the market or gas up without making an akward fool of myself. Why do people stare at you, watch you fall continue to stare and do not offer to help? What happened to kindness? I wasn't brought up that way nor have I brought my children up like that. Oh, well I am sorry didn't mean to vent it has been rough. I did get a few more inches knitted on my hourglass sweater will post later since flickr is down something about getting a massage. I guess its computer lingo for crashing. I also started a summer sweater it is called "Bell Sleeve Boat Neck Pullover" by Suss Cousins, in a 100% Slub Cotton in a fresh turquoise. It will look great this summer with some white jeans. I am also trying to make a golf/putter cover for my son. I am designing it or rather winging it a'la sock mode. I casted on 36 stitches on size 5 dpn and I am K2 P2 ribbing it like a sock band. I think I will make the band about 4-5 inches long so it will have a nice turtleneck type of fit where the shaft meets the putter head I was thinking to knit it like a tube sock but then I can become obsessive and I am debating on creating a heel flap. OK, truth I am not obsessive but creative I am totally right brained. I was recently invited to join R.A.O.K. "random acts of kindness" and my awesome secret pal inspired me with her brillant creativity with her hand felted stitch markers she made me. Well I had some wire, beads and jump rings so I made some stitch markers as a R.A.O.K. and sent them out to some random unsuspecting R.A.O.K.'s enjoy! Secret Pal you are my muse, my source of inspiration Thank You!


hourglass sweater

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I was able to get in a few more rows . I haven't worked on my hourglass sweater for a few weeks and I am afraid it will linger as a UFO. No! I will not allow this to happen I love the Noro yarn I love the color See my wonderful stitch markers my secret pal sent me. They are hot!

sockapalooza socks

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They are awesome, they fit like a glove, the yarn is yummy and I think my sockapalooza pal is generous allowing me to have her first ever pair of knitted socks. I am not worthy!!!!!!! I was watching Knitty Gritty today and the host mentioned knitting socks is for the intermediate knitter, what was I thinking?


finished cory

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I had to go outside it is sssssssooooooooo beautiful today. I want to stay outside all day wwaaaa, sob, sob, sniffle, sniffle. Gotta go inside now and spring clean


Yeepee!My Sockapalooza Socks Arrived

I just recieved the most awesomest pair of socks. Sockapalooza pal, I am so impressed I want to knit like you when I grow up you rock! My pal was kind enough to send the left over yarn, cool. She even sent me some yarn I think its feltable, I am new at all this. I will post a picture tomorrow I forgot again to charge camera battery must be my C.R.S.,can't remember stuff ha, ha or you can put a notty word in there... I will blame it on my cast. I went to 'Wallyworld' aka Walmart today and I had quite an experience today. Has anyone seen the first Austin Power's movie where he is driving the golf cart and he gets stuck in the hallway. I went in today and used one of the motorized wheelchairs they provide with the basket in front. Well I had to go to the bathroom, needless to day I found out the bathrooms are not designed to accomodate the motorized chair, nor are there bathroom attendents to open the door for you. I was stuck in there going back and forth again and again for 15 minutes. I started laughing till I had a belly ache. What a terrible situation to be in I did not even have my crutches with me. How do people who depend on these motorized chairs to get around handle a situation like this? Do they go to a special driving school ? I am convinced you are not allowed to go to the bathroom if you drive a motorized chair? Maybe next time I will go potty before I leave the house like Mom used to say or I will hook myself up with some depends. I am wondering especially after my trip to New York where it is not wheelchair freindly how is it we overlook situations such as this.. I better get off my soap box now


my left foot

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Well I ended up having to get a cast after all ugh! Let me introduce you to left foot who is wearing a bright pink cast and has Fred Flintstone toes and right foot who is wearing my first knitted sock ever my pride and joy. The pattern is from Weekend Knitting, not a wise pattern for a new knitter. I originally posted the pic way back when and my blog kind of ate it or it fell into the nether world. So I will be honest my feet aren't exactly pretty in pink Hee, hee, hee! I couldn't resist Smile... My sincerest apologies to the blogging world for the toes it was a heredity thing. I better stop now the cast is making me say goofy things...........


Secret Pal

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I have the bestest secret pal in the whole wide world... Look what was waiting for me when I got home. Presents and not any presents special custom handmade ones! Look in the top right hand of picture there is a box with a hand drawn tag that say's "cellphone bling" inside was the most beautiful phone charm made with red, green and clear crystals it is already on my phone. On the bottom left is another box inside are four handmade stitch markers. They are beautifully felted with beaded accents in rich tones of red and golds. A light yellow brag book so I can document my finished projects omg, like a true knitter sniff, sniff! the lastest issue of Interweave Knits, a knitting needle guage "OK, who ratted me out ?" hee,hee! A sacchi bookmark/book-thong on one end in copper it says 'dream' and the other side is silver and it says 'vivdly', various sizes of needle point protectors including some for circulars, and additional stitch markers in a cute plastic box. Oops, some dove bar truffles I never knew they existed, well they don't anymore smile! they were yum.....Thank You, Thank You! Secret Pal

handmade by my secret pal

my picture doesn't do justice to my beautiful phone charm and felted stitch markers.
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