mellow yellow

I received yesterday from ErikaKnitz my opponet in YarnSmackdown this hat I am naming Mellow Yellow. It arrived yesterday a week after she mailed it to me. It is such a lovely Spring color, but it is ginormous. My baby is wearing it rasta style, she has really long thick hair and there is still plenty of room. My daughter asked me if she could keep it, smile...I love my baby girl! She saw something like it in one of her TeenVogue Magazines. I think it is a combination of the acrylic yarn and needle size that made it so loose and roomy. 

Here it is on me and it is super super roomy.
The color isn't posting very accurately. It is a light spring yellow, a very fresh and happy color. 

Thank you ErikaKnitz for my YarnSmackdown Mellow Yellow!


malabrigo irish hiking hat

malabrigo irish hiking hat
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I finished this last saturday but haven't had a chance to post. It is malabrigo and lush and a super knit. I did have to think as I was knitting the band then picking up stitches was a real thinker for me, smile. I was a easy knit and I really like the end result.

Squash Hat

I made this darhling baby squash hat from one-skein wonders. It is so cute and soft and using rowan yarn cashsoft dk make it a lushous  yummy quick knit. But two days after I finished it the intended baby boy per a sonogram was a baby girl in fact, smile! so I am debating do I add something girlyish to the hat? or do I knit a new hat? It feels so yummy because of the combination of dk and cashmere. 



Books & More

Isn't this most incredible package ever ever received? Well I think so it is luurvverly I had never heard of this book Cables Untangled its wonderful and it has fabulous patterns and pictures the pictures are beautiful. This is more of a coffee table book to be left out and drooled over. I really love Gnomes! and the yellow tin had lemon drop mini candies in it. Those chocolate gone I wolfed them them down appropiately quick. Those little balls of yarn are so neat. Look at each one they are all from the same color and dye lot it a new type of yarn a variagated I am sure there is a correct term for this yarn in I don't know it though, smile... I want to thank Tamara you are so thoughtful and I appreciate and love all of it. All the time and effort to send me this Thanks. I am going to try your idea to make the reversable scarf I agree it should look great with this yarn.  


twisted socks

Look my lovely Cookie A pattern Twisted Flower Sock Pattern and fabulous Louet gems sock yarn in the most incredible blue you can ever imagine crystalstitches.com sent it to me so lovererly... this yarn has the most incredible feel to it. If I wasn't so intimidated by the pattern I would cast on for them right away but..... they are so intricate, I am frightened. I actually used the dyeable version of this yarn when I took my yarn dying class with the wonderful Anne of handicraftcafe.com if you are in northern Orange County you have to meet her she is also part of the allthingsstring knitting group.  
it dye



apron inside
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I haven't sewn in awhile and I found so many fun fabrics and trims to work with. I wanted the giftee of this apron to have something fun and of course flirty. This is a bib style apron with striped bias neck and waist ties and I used orange grosgrain ribbon for the bow accents. I free hand cut a cute owl from a contrasting blue swirl fabric and added a pocket so a hankie or cell phone can be tucked in. The main fabric is retro inspired with bubbles in red, blue and orange. Such a fun projec. 


hat lessons

I am knitting from the knitting workshop I am amazed by how much I have absorbed already. I am tackling color patterns right now and her guidance is so easy to absorb. Plus I have to say I am having a flash to my childhood. I am also got the dvd as I started watching the first lesson I realized I used to watch her on pbs as a kid after school I heart pbs. I so vividly remember her voice and I remember being so fasinated with all the yarn....  


Knitted Crown

I designed this Red Crown for my daughter. She had a big school performance and she was a fashion captain. I felt she deserved a crown for all her hard work. To watch my baby so brillantly come up with a concept and take it to completion. Her design was the finale costume for thirty dancers. So since she was on the red team I knit a red crown out of Cascade. My babys Red Crown needed some jewels and I had the star seashell buttons. 


Habu Silk Scarf

Yummy yummy is all I can say about this yarn. I was inspired by the Mens Cashmere Scarf in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It is a One row knit next row knit, purl and I am using two strands of Habu Nerimaki Ito. The natural irregularities or slubs of the Silk  yarn and it feels like it is bloomimg in my hand, the softness is undescribable. I will be enjoying this scarf. 

Camera Cozy

I designed this fuchsia Camera Cozy for my new camera with Debbie Bliss cash merino, its so bright and flashy like the lipstick I used to wear in the 80's.  My son asked me to make one for his camera. He touched my heart asking me, his dear old mom to design one for him I am so flattered. I wanted his to have a vintage feel, like a tube sock and I added a longer length of ribbing to the top so the camera would stay snugly inside.


My first hand dyed yarn

My yarn is so beautiful the colors are incredible and I am so proud! Thank you Anne!
I will post her blog as soon as I get info. Yay! 

Clemintines or Oranges

Isn't it beautiful?

Learning to dye yarn with Anne

I learned how to dye yarn. I am so excited I met Anne through Ravelry and not only does she live close by. She is opening a yarn shop close by too, in Fullerton Yay! It is awful not having a yarn shop close by. I have to drive

thirty minutes to a hour away. The online shop just opened up Handicraft Cafe and I can't wait till her store front opens. I bought some fabulous yarns from her I will post pictures later. I was impressed with the 
wide selection of yarns and colorways and quality. Anne and her partner have wonderful taste. 

Here are my pictures I tried to document the process and here are some of the pictures. I enjoyed talking to Anne so much I keeped forgetting to take pictures of the process. 
Here is the first two yarns I dyed and the colors are blues, greens and purple. Having such a great teacher and seeing my beautious yarns I know I will definately do it again.


Noro Striped Scarf

I started this Noro Striped Scarf and I love the colors it is in Noro Kureyon. It is the second one I am making I made one in light browns and beiges 'natural colors' also in Noro it was a christmas gift. I like the way Noro stripes and using two differnt colorways makes it a surprise knit.

The boys Bentley & Johan

New pictures of the boys they are getting so big. Johan thinks he is a rock star. I think he is a rock star too.

Sneaker Socks

I started Sneaker Socks in Wildfoote color Lilac Desert on 
size 3 dpn's. I am actually almost at the heel and it has been a super simple knit. They are my first toe up socks and they are like those thin bootie socks that can be worn with sneakers or loafers. 

Update on Bubble Wrap Socks

My DD was cleaning or rather organizing and look what she happened upon. Bubble wrap socks I started over two years ago. I totally forgot about them and one had a heel turned and the other was just about ready to have the heel turned, on the right in picture. I have gotten a little more done I am about halfway down foot, on the homestretch to a new pair of socks.
I will admit she found two pairs the other is for DS and they are at about the same stage in progress also started two years ago about the same time. I can't imagine how I completely forgot about them, I am old and have no memory.... 


Binary Cable Hat

I am knitting up a Binary for me I had so much fun participating in Hat Attack. It was fun all the anticipation before the pattern is released. The pattern is released to everyone participating worldwide, at the same time in all time zones, so cool! I made my targets hat in a Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and I really loved the body and the way the binary cables look in the cashmerino aran in the color brick. 


My Malabrigo Worsted for Malabrigo March

Quick Sneaker Socks in Lilac Desert by Wildfoote

My Irish Hiking Hat

I started the Irish Hiking Hat in Malabrigo worsted weight in Cactus flower colorway. It has been such a nice knit. I casted on and it is truely a treat knitting with this yummy yarn. In the second picture below you can see here was my progress after about a hour and a half of knitting. I am actually a bit further along but it is too dark right now to get a nice picture. 

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